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The Perfect Blend

Myrtle Beach National Kings North hole #3

The Perfect Blend

How to choose the best courses for your next vacation


Choosing golf courses for your vacation can be overwhelming. With 80+ golf courses to choose from, friends to keep happy and keeping location in mind, choosing the perfect blend of golf courses can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Do I want to play courses on the North end or South end? Do I want Bent grass or Bermuda grass? Do I want an 18 hole tournament course or a course with 27 holes for the option of a 9-hole replay? We know it can be tough and that’s why we’re here to help. Our Golf Directors know the courses in Myrtle Beach like the back of their hands and we have created this guide to help you along the way.



            Is there really that big of a difference between the courses in the North versus the South? What about the Central Myrtle Beach courses? Will the different topography affect the design, layout, and feel of the golf courses? The answer is yes. The Grand Strand has a diverse topography that changes as it progresses down the coastline from the Gentle rolling hills and woodlands of North Carolina to the flat beach lands and soft dunes of Myrtle Beach down to the marshlands, ancient oaks, and low country of Pawleys Island. Each region has its own plethora of unique characteristics and that is why Myrtle Beach has become the Golf Capital of the World. No two courses, no two holes are the same. You will never have the same shot twice.



            You might not give a second thought about the type of grass that you’re playing on but the differences will affect everything from the way a putt breaks to the way a ball checks up when it hits the green.

Bent grass is considered the premium grass for putting surfaces. Bent grass is a cool weather grass and tends to be found more in the Northern states where year round climate is cooler. Although not as many courses in the Carolinas have Bent grass, it is still found on a few courses. Its thin flat blades lay down on the putting surface and the influence on break is minimal. With bent grass, your putt is affected more by undulations and slope than by grain.

Bermuda grass is the preferred grass of the South. Bermuda grass is a warm weather grass that can stand up to the heat and humidity of the Carolinas better than bent grass. Bermuda grass has thicker blades that grow in a certain direction called “grain”. Grain is usually dictated by the direction the sun travels and where the water drains off the putting surface. Grain can usually be seen by looking at the cup on the green. When looking at the cup, there will usually be half of the cup that has a bare ring around the edge and the other half of the cup will grow slightly over the edge. The ball will break in the direction of the bare spot. This is caused by the grass growing over itself in a certain direction.

Seashore Paspalum is a subtropical warm weather grass. It is a very unique grass because it has different characteristics depending on the height in which it is cut. The blades of grass are slightly thicker than most Bermuda grass and grow very densely. When cut short such as on a green, the grass has similar characteristics to Bermuda with a smooth roll. When cut longer such as in a fairway, the blades grow upward and seemingly prop your ball up, which creates easy contact with the ball. When the grass is let grow long, the grass creates a thick rough that penalizes the player for hitting a wayward shot and will grab the hosel of the club.



            When it comes down to it, price is a big factor on deciding where to play. We all wish we could have unlimited bank rolls and play only the finest courses, but here’s a little secret; you don’t have to spend the big bucks to get great golf and we at the Golf Gurus can help you get the best golf for the least money.

            The price of some courses depend not only on the courses conditions but include the courses facilities and amenities such as the driving range, restaurant, locker rooms, and pro shop. We are familiar with which courses offer which amenities and can help you get exactly what you’re looking for without paying extra for what you don’t.


The Personal Touch

            The Golf Gurus are all avid golfers who keep up to date on course conditions and travel around the Grand Strand and play the same courses we sell to make sure they are at the highest quality so you play nothing but the best. We are always open to talk on the phone or by email to answer any of your questions and make sure all your questions are answered. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call toll free (877) 283-9905 or send us an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).