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Timeshare Relief

JMLAW specializes in Timeshare Law. Our Law Firm has been able to settle with various timeshare companies for clients. Results may include monetary settlements and/or full release from the timeshare contract.

JMLAW has created a process in which timeshare owners may have the possibility of obtaining a monetary settlement from the timeshare company. Even if a monetary settlement cannot be obtained JMLAW offers those clients who are fully paid off on the timeshare and current on maintenance fees a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that we will ultimately get you out of your lifelong financial obligation with the timeshare company.

We also offer services for those clients who are not fully paid off on the timeshare and/or are not current with maintenance fees.

If you feel that you have purchased a timeshare interest based on misrepresentations made by the timeshare company we may be able to help


About JM Law

JMLAW, P.A. offers high quality legal services to individual clients and businesses in a variety of transaction and litigation areas. The firm is known for its experience and strengths in real property matters, within the investor and development sectors, and for a diverse EB-5 practice within the Middle Eastand Indiaregions. As a boutique firm, JMLAW lawyers have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with clients. We are focused on innovation, efficiency, and customized results to meet our clients’ personal and business related legal challenges.

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